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Synthetic Training Device (JAR-STD)

Flight School

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With low costs and high efficiency...

...You are trained for the start of the practical training in a single pilot cockpit. The ideal preparation for the preliminary for the airlines.

STD is suitable for:

-Privat Pilot PPL
-Commercial Pilot CPL
-Instrument Rating IR
-Single/Multi-Engine SEP / MEP
-Proficiency Check
-Skill Test

Accepted with JAR-FCL:

-Privat Pilot
-Commercial Pilot
-lnstrument Rating
5 Hours
5 Hours
15 Hours
Big saving potential and no landing fees

The STD-Training is the basic training for the Instrument rating. It also applies to the 'emergency single-engine procedures' on a multi engine aircraft.
Thereforee a great part of the whole training is done in a cost-effective and uncomplicated way independent of weather conditions.
The ATC-810 is JAR-FCL approved with JAA-QTG documents:
-Microprocessor controlled trim- and controlsticks
-Navigational area program with 250 airports
-Flight Plotter
-Single/Multi-Engine, Turbo/Nonturbo Conversion.
-Retr. gear, constant speed prop, HSI/RMI full IFR equiped
-Simulation of 23 system failures like engine failures in each
-configuration or engine failure after Rotation, propellerwindmilling, --propellerfeathering, reairstart etc.
-Analog and digital avionics
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